Street names cleaner within the city of Zürich




What is this?

This is a very simple tool to help you clean up messy street names within the city of Zürich.

How does it work?

It uses query API to execute fuzzy string matching of every street name form the input against the official list of streets published by the city of Zürich. The API returns all the matches with at least 20% confidence and the UI selects only the best match.

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Command line utility

You can also clean up street names using the command line utility. It reads the names from the stdin (one street name per line) and returns comma separated values in the stdout. Errors are printed to the stderr.

curl \

echo -e 'bahnofstr\nlimaqua' | python

Open source and free

The web page source code is available on You can use the API for free or get a premium access with some guarantees.